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  1. So I challenged Ms. Shannon’s comments on her website, here.


    Specifically she said “The Mormons will tell you they have the KJV of the bible- not so. They have a special, re-written version of the KJV of the bible, the Mormon KJV, which leaves out major portions of Paul’s writings as well as others. It certainly leaves out the thief on the cross who called on Jesus to remember him.”

    None of this is even mildly true, so I asked her for evidence, and she hid the comment.

    Ms. Shannon’s problem is that what she said was completely untrue, even laughably untrue, and she does not know it. Honestly I am not sure she is an outright liar. I believe she is ridiculously uneducated and likely very intellectually limited. It is entirely possible she simply does not know nothing she said, and continues to say, is untrue, and likely does not care. But this would be rectified if she were more public.

    Certainly she says things publicly, and likely believes this to be courage, but it is not. She does so in forums she controls and where she can limit discussion and prevent the “tough questions” from being asked. If someone could actually say, “Can you show me where….” then someone likely would ask the question, and she would start asking questions BEFORE making public statements, but as it is she has allowed herself to hide and control her environment to avoid responsibility.

    In a court case, she cannot do this. She will be exposed, and I do not think she will be able to handle the reality. In some ways this is the most sad facet of this, because I am not convinced that she was not sexually assaulted. But her actions have completely prepared her for dealing with the real world, and that is going to come crashing down. If a simple question about Mormon practice scares her enough to censor it, what is going to happen to a cross examination?

    • Oh my gosh. I was thrilled to find out I’m not alone. I was involved in a discussion with her on her FB page. She was on a rant about Mormons being members of a cult. I am not a member of the LDS faith (I’m Baptist) but have friends who are so I was disagreeing with some of her comments. She either deleted or hid several of my more detailed comments on that thread in an apparent attempt to make it appear I had not provided a factual rebuttal to her claims. I decided to leave her page because it was clear to me she was nutty and not someone I wanted to give any energy to. I’m actually feeling sorry for her now. It looks like her deceit is finally catching up with her. Karma sucks!!😟

  2. Susan Shannon is editing her comments on her blog so I am posting here as well…

    Susan, none of that is what I asked. What does your husband think of your case? As I read it, there are a lot of holes. Your husband is an investigator, he must have an opinion about this. What does he really think of your case? Here:

    You have claimed multiple times that you had a medical career that was tanked when you left West Point. Specifically you have said…

    I would have left the Army at 42 years old as a surgeon with no medical school debt and a full resume of battlefield or Walter Reid hospital experience behind me. I would have graduated from West Point and any medical school of my choice free of charge.

    Yet, by your own admission, you had no medical career (I am not sure that you know this, however). Your grades were terrible. You state this explicitly, “My grades were becoming terminal- academic failure loomed- something I had never even imagined previously.” You had no chance to be a doctor. Only the top of the class have a chance, and usually not even then (you have to have a background that will support). How can you have foregone a medical career by leaving West Point when there was no medical career to begin with? You’re lying about the career, and it is obvious. But you have repeated this several times. Incidentally, Academy graduates do not get to go to “medical school of…choice free of charge”. Usually there is an assigned school or a very limited selection, such as The Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences. A potential medical student at West Point should know this.

    You have said “I thank God that for some reason, the Army didn’t need or want me to fulfill those 5 years. Perhaps they sensed that there was more to the story than I told. No one leaves after three years. It doesn’t make sense.” It does not make sense, unless the individual has a very poor record; is a poor student, shows poor performance, has little potential, and is not wanted in the military. Then that individual is usually allowed to walk away, something that is not generally discussed but is a reality that most in the military know. By all accounts, you were a terrible cadet. We know this because you said it…”I wasn’t a very good soldier“.

    How are you going to explain all of this on the stand? You claim you were raped, and that you left because of the trauma. This is entirely plausible, but you were also a terrible cadet who was failing out, displayed poor performance, and had little military potential. How can you demonstrate that you left because of trauma and not because of the natural winnowing process? This is going to be problematic, particularly because you have little evidence of the rape other than the accusation, and the evidence of your poor performance at West Point will, likely, be very publicly recorded. This is an issue.

    Also you contradict yourself. In one case, you were a terrible soldier, this is what you said on 09SEP11, but when you explain your rape you say…

    Sometimes I wonder about women in the military. Gays too. Now, ladies, don’t get me the wrong way. I was an awesome soldier. I was the best shot with the M-16 in my entire company (about 100 guys) and was one of the last to be killed in our simulated war training. Women have the skills, alright

    In 2011, you admit you were a terrible soldier, something I think that will be easy to prove from public record, but on 15JUL13, you were suddenly an “awesome” soldier? Why does the story change? Being an awesome soldier who had a fantastic medical career in front of her who suddenly left West Point, would support your position that you were raped. Because, as you say, there would be no reason for you to leave otherwise, correct? But if you were a terrible cadet, an academic failure, who had no chance of being a doctor, the decision to leave West Point is certainly more understandable without having to reference a rape. These are contradictions you will have to explain.

    But there is more.

    About the investigation you have said “Friends, I take no joy in this. It has surprised me so very much. On a side note, I have friends in the Army(from West Point) who knew of this rape and yet they never reported this man. Not one of them was willing to break the code of silence between the ‘Boys’ of the military. And yet, they have called me ‘friend.’ This has only just occurred to me- it is a sad thought indeed. It took a reader of Short Little Rebel to care enough to report it to the Army. How about that?”

    The disingenuousness of this comment is pretty obvious. You claim you do not want revenge, that you did not seek this out, you did not want to hurt his wife, but then you also said, in another post…

    But I DID find him on social media. In fact, I had forgotten him until I saw his smug face on Twitter and Facebook! Now that made me mad. That’s how I found out that he was now a colonel- ahhh… do you all remember the first rush we had when FB came online and allowed us to instantly connect with our old high school & college buddies? Well, it also opened a few Pandora’s boxes, didn’t it? Well, his wife shared that account. After I confronted him publicly about the rape on both sites, all social media sites with that jerk quickly disappeared. Which I found very satisfying. I have no doubt he had some explaining to do with his wife, whom he was dating at the time of the rape. I wonder if they are still married? I feel sorry for her.”

    The self-congratulation in this statement is sort of cloying. You feel God brought this out, but you deliberately sought out someone’s social media, publicly sought to shame him and his wife by accusing him, found it satisfying to make the accusation. You “take no joy in it”, but at the same time find publicly accusing him in front of his wife “satisfying”? The two contrasting positions could not be more clear. Also you admit that you have no support from anyone who was actually at West Point. No one there believes you. No one who was with you at the time, no one who knew Cadet Shannon, supports you. That you can convince some gullible people in 2015 means little when no one from 1986, who knew you at the time, believes you is sort of a bad thing for your case.

    And there is more…

    You talked about how God put this in front of you, that it was all God’s will, but you admittedly did not cooperate with the Army. You specifically stated…

    Interestingly enough, I was asked to not remark on this investigation until it was finished. Guess what, Army? No. Way. If you think for one moment that I will tolerate any kind of shaming or blaming for a rapist’s sick mind, you have another thing coming. Let us see how much the public appreciates that line of questioning.”

    For one, this is completely NOT interesting at all. Anyone with the slightest amount of experience with these sort of things would know that you do not comment on ongoing investigations. I would have thought that your husband would have explained that to you. But you decided to not cooperate with the Army at all, and publicly. Why would someone interested in justice do this? Certainly they may have asked you some questions you found uncomfortable, but they also have a responsibility to provide due process for the accused as well. Your desire to be as public about your accusation as possible, while not cooperating with the investigation does not lend a lot of credence to the accusation. Can you explain this.

    Then you go on to insult almost everyone involved with the investigation. You insulted the individual involved with the case here, “The only person to call me back was a lieutenant colonel who is in charge of this band spankin’ new organization that Secretary of Defense Hagel and Secretary of the Army McHugh have been trotting out at news conferences this past year- SHARP. As I told her my plight today, she seemed very nice, but very helpless. Sympathetic, but solution-less. I asked her what she did for the Army, hoping she was from their legal department. Guess what she answered? Now, remember, she has been put in charge of this big, new, serious effort of the U.S. Army to address rape in the military. She is a supply officer. She orders toilet paper and bullets.” She is actively serving, and trying to do a difficult job, and your insulting is not only unwarranted, but highly hypocritical, given your inability to serve yourself. You cannot cooperate with the investigation, insult those involved, but think God put this in place to vindicate you?

    Is this how you view God? God puts this in place to vindicate you, yet you do not cooperate and insult and belittle those involved? You must think pretty poorly of God to act like this.

    There is also the result of the investigation. Apparently nothing was done. It is a well known fact that few rapes in the military result in conviction. In fact the conviction rate is very low, far lower than in the civilian courts. What is not well known is that the low rates have nothing to do with the cases, but everything to do with the tendency of the military to try cases that would not be considered in a civilian court. This is partly political, SOMETHING has to be done, so cases are pushed forward without adequate evidence, but also because the military is willing to bend over backwards to try to fix the situation. The military will send cases to a court martial far more frequently than a civilian prosecutor would, because there is a desire to make every effort to follow through, even if the case might not have what a civilian would call sufficient evidence. Yet Ms. Shannon’s case did not even go that far. It went nowhere. Certainly the accusation would hold up a promotion to GO/FO status, the lack of promotion does not indicate the case was strong having an overdue library book can stop you from putting on a star these days, but it is telling that nothing happened otherwise. Ms. Shannon criticizes the fact that no one got back to her, but to me, and I have FAR more experience in the military than Ms. Shannon does, it means that there was such little evidence that she was completely dismissed.

    Her accused would not be filing a counter-suit if something was found that would support his guilt. It is only logical that he is pursuing a counter-suit specifically because there is no evidence, and Ms. Shannon has no leg on which to stand.

    Added to this, Ms. Shannon is pursuing this in a world that exists in the Post-Rolling Stone/UVA world. The debacle of the Rolling Stone/UVA article and the holes in it, do not bode well for Ms. Shannon and her poor arguments and contradictory statements. Regardless of the actual truth of her claim, she starts off from a deficit, and her case only gets worse from there.

    So Ms. Shannon, can you actually address some of these issues? I know you think making statements is courageous, but it is in facing criticism that courage is shown, not simply in making them.

  3. Mr. Abraham, this is an insightful and incredibly accurate diagnosis of what I call “short little rebel syndrome”, as well as her current legal dilemma. Hats off to you Sir.

    • She is an odd case. She is so batty, I honestly wonder if something did happen to her. Her background is pretty sad, her brother’s blog here…


      …seems to indicate significant child abuse. Absent the child abuse I might be inclined to believe she was sexually assaulted, since she is clearly mentally unhinged. Something made her this way, something fairly traumatic. But given the child abuse, the accusation of a sexual assault may just be more acting out, an attempt to garner sympathy and attention.

  4. As an update, the court case with Ms. Shannon is proceeding, and faces a turning point in the near future. The issue at hand involves the jurisdiction of the libel suit, and whether or not Ms. Shannon can be brought to Virginia for the case.

    Jurisdiction is libel lawsuits is fairly interesting, and varies wildly by country. The most strict that I am aware of exists in Singapore, where libel, particularly against ex-President Lee Kwan Yew, could be prosecuted even if the libel was a paper produced across the globe. The Economist fell afoul of Singapore a few times.

    But in Ms. Shannon’s case the question has to do with the fact that she wrote in Washington State, and he accuse(d), and the plaintiff, resides in Virginia. The basic rule can be best expressed as…

    “The “effects” test comes from the Supreme Court’s decision in Calder v. Jones (1984) 465 U.S. 783, that ‘the defendant allegedly must have (1) committed an intentional act, (2) expressly aimed at the forum state, (3) causing harm that the defendant knows is likely to be suffered in the forum state.'”

    In internet libel cases this is difficult to prove. A case involving an internet flame war between a company in Illinois and some scientists in California determined that the scientists could not claim libel in California Courts, because there was simply not a strong enough connection to California by the business in question. So it is entirely possible Ms. Shannon could get the court case thrown out based on jurisdiction, but it is not a foregone conclusion.

    At the heart of the case for jurisdiction is the orientation of the libel in question. Ms. Shannon never says Virginia outright in any of her commentary, but directed her potentially libelous comments specifically to an investigator at Ft. Belvior, in Virginia. Likewise her comments about the “Army” are largely based on leadership, which predominately resides in Virginia. Furthermore, several people, it could be Ms. Shannon or supporters, have made derogatory comments based on Ms. Shannon’s accusation in forums that directly touch on activities in Virginia. Then there was the effort to specifically target the plaintiff on his Facebook page, this was certainly a targeted attack, but I am not sure how it will be perceived in determining jurisdiction.

    What is more problematic is the personal claim Ms. Shannon made where she takes responsibility for the plaintiff’s failure to promote. She specifically says, addressing the former Secretary of Defense…

    “You would have had a rapist and a liar as one of your top policy makers at the Pentagon. Thanks to me and my service, you have been spared that humiliation.”

    This is specifically because she influenced the Criminal Investigation, which was ongoing in Virginia. This targeted effort in Virginia would seem to indicate jurisdiction. She could not have influenced efforts directly, as she claimed she did, and demands thanks for, unless she had direct contact with Virginia where the case was brought up.

    It will be interesting, and I am curious what the outcome will be. I would like to see the case to go to trial, since I am interested what a jury would think of Ms. Shannon. Her letter to SecDef Hegel linked below is interesting. It is so filled with outright untruths, and bizarre misunderstanding that my initial estimate of her mental capacity is only strengthened. She is not a very well, or intelligent individual, but I do not think she will understand how bad the reality is without a court case, and even then I think she will hide from reality. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see how it goes.



  5. as you probably surmised by SLR’s silence, her motion for lack of personal jurisdiction by VA was denied. There was actually another motion filed that was also denied – probably why it didn’t show up in her blog. That motion was to move the case from state to federal court, and that’s the motion I mentioned previously as being denied pre-hearing.

    • Wow. At some point I almost feel bad for her. It is like picking on a mentally handicapped person. She is very limited, intellectually, her writing gives this away almost immediately, but then there is the harm she caused. I am not sure what to think. She’s incredibly stupid, but at some point she is so stupid she does not seem responsible enough to take responsibility for her actions.

      In any case, a few things you might want to know….

      Ms. Shannon never wanted to be a soldier at all. She deleted the letter to Secretary Hagel, she was stupid to do so, most everything on the Internet is permanent, but I have provided links she cannot delete. She reads this page, so she will see this, but there is nothing she can do about it.

      So she never wanted to be a soldier. She likes to talk about how she “could” have been a doctor, how she “could” have gotten into Harvard, Yale, Princeton, etc…. While these are all lies, she’s a clear idiot, she makes the claim a lot. But it appears that West Point was a means to an end. She did not want to be a soldier in the first place, and then when she started failing….

      “I got into West Point on a scholarship. Believe me, I had no dreams of being a soldier at 18. (what teenage girl does?) But I wanted the best education I could get so that I would have the most choices. I understood there was a price for the free ride they were offering me. Later in my quest for a higher education, I actually lived in a $75/month (gotta love it!) walk in closet with two weird girls. Did I care? No! I could use my bike to my waitressing & gas station jobs and to school. It was perfect.”


      Just an interesting point

      A second one…

      So get this: I have a phone interview with a S. Korean t.v. station about the West Point rape. Apparently they…


      Susan is someone who LOVES publicity, and after she makes the claim, she gets invited to speak on television….?

      Just an FYI.

  6. Hello Joseph,

    I found my way here via an article about Ms. Shannon. You see, I was googling West Point and rape as my niece has just entered West Point and I am concerned. Forgive me if my writing skills do not meet your personal standards. Ms Shannon is a better writer than I and I can assure you that I am not stupid. My niece was a 4.0 student, senior class president, as well as many other things. She is a very competent young lady. I find it hard to believe West Point accepts poor students.

    Now just a point on Ms. Shannon’s grades. If you have proof that her grades, from the time she began at West Point to when she left, were poor the entire time then you may have some ground to stand on. Unless you are a rape victim yourself, or perhaps a therapist, you have no understanding of how rape can utterly destroy your life. Having your grades drop and having your life fall apart are an expected result of such personal violence. Four years to complete one year of college after you have had your life ruined is not a long time. The effects of being raped can and commonly does, stay with a person for the rest of their life. It causes a great deal of damage.

    I find it hard to believe, that after so many years, that Ms. Shannon would suddenly and out of the blue, accuse a classmate of rape, unless it really did occur. Rape affects you forever, and not in a good way. Admittedly Ms. Shannon seems a bit out there, but would she have been different had she not been raped? Rape victims have historically been on trial themselves when trying to seek justice. I see nothing has changed.

    • J. Martin, it’s really uncomplicated, or insanely complicated, depending on your POV. My issue with Ms. Shannon (who is a terrible writer, she is one of the worst I have seen online), is that her story does not make sense, at all, from the POV of someone who intimately understands how the military works, and how the academies work. Since I have significant backgrounds in both, I have some basis for examination. And her story does not make sense.

      First, West Point certainly accepts poor students. They do it all the time. Some times it has to do with politics, athletics, regional issues (the best student from North Dakota, might be less astute than a mediocre student from Virginia, for example), or even balancing out demographics. It does happen, and I know some who were mediocre students, who are now fantastic officers, but it would be untrue if we stated that no poor students arrived there. There are also different grades of “poor”. At West Point, “poor” is a very relative term. But this is neither here nor there. It is a matter of understanding the institutions, however.

      And this is part of your problem. You do not understand the institutions. Neither does Ms. Shannon. Your point, “f you have proof that her grades, from the time she began at West Point to when she left, were poor the entire time then you may have some ground to stand on.” That’s the problem. I do.

      You have to look at the case in context. First, Ms. Shannon is a very unintelligent person, you can read anything she writes and see the lack of native intelligence shining through. She’s honestly kind of stupid. But her departure from West Point is far more condemning than she knows, or most people would know. One simply does not fail out of West Point, particularly because of one bad semester or year. She herself says she was a bad student, an academic failure, but the icing on the cake is her departure. The Academies all punish people who leave, and it is a de facto punishment, by making them serve as an enlisted person, or pay absurd amounts of money, in order to keep people from leaving. You make a commitment, and you are expected to keep your commitments. It is simple, but it is real.

      Ms. Shannon ghosted out of the Academy. This means something. It means no one wanted her.

      You do not fail out because of a bad semester, bad year. In order to meet the point where she was not wanted, she had to have had years of poor academic performance, poor military performance, and she has admitted this. She was evaluated as having a difficult time getting along with people. She was a bad soldier. She was not wanted as an Enlisted soldier, and the school is demanding but not cruel, they simply let her drift away instead of financially penalizing her for being unsuitable. This all existed before she claimed she was assaulted.

      Now does this mean she was NOT assaulted? No, none of it says she was not, only that there is another side to the story that she is sharing, but unaware she is sharing. She does not realize that she is admitting that she was and still is a complete soup sandwich. She laid all of this out, you just need to know how the chicken bones are read.

      But there is so much more. So much of Ms. Shannon’s life is a gigantic lie. She claimed to have been a high priced consultant. There is no evidence to support such a claim, and mountains of holes in the story. How does a college dropout get to be a management consultant in Germany, where they are adamant sticklers about certifications and education? It boggles the mind. And why is there no evidence? Her industries she claims to have worked in would not accept her, because of her past (nuclear for example, it requires a clearance). What I suspect happened is she went back to her parent’s, and got a low level gopher job and inflated her resume, but it is an obvious lie if you know how management consulting works, and how Germany specifically works (I know both). There is a lot more like that, but every time she opens her mouth about any subject she fails miserably at understanding the subject she is talking about. She’s just a very stupid woman, who is killing herself without knowing it.

      And there always is the possibility that she was assaulted, but the preponderance of the evidence points to a woman who craves attention and will make up stories to get it. She submitted her claim, but then refused to work with the Army to carry out the investigation? I personally know some of the people in these roles and they are wonderful victim advocates. If she could not work with them, she has something wrong with her, and they are used to very messed up people. She made a claim, but publicity, television interviews, and then refused to do anything else with the Army. This is not the work of someone interested in justice. No one from West Point supports here from her class, and that is sort of messed up. If she and a friend were raped someone would know and support her, I know of no actual rape case in the military where there was not some form of support from those who knew something. Military personnel have high levels of internal honor, they would support righting a wrong, even if they despised Ms. Shannon personally, but all that she has from her West Point time is a series of substandard evaluations (by her own admission) and bad grades. It just does not add up.

      I also think the accused deserves the benefit of the doubt. We live in a system where an accused is innocent until proven guilty, and I do not see that happening.

  7. I read her brother’s blog and it was very disturbing. If she endured a fraction of the abuse he documented, it would explain a lot of her present issues. She may have been raped at USMA, but the timing of her allegation and the claim she did not know he was up for promotion when she made it really discredited her in my mind. As to the previous comments, I had quite a few classmates that in all reality had no business there. Division 1 athletes (Football and Basketball) as well as minorities and females are held to a minimum admission standard, not the competitive standard (the admissions department freely admits this). For example, minority football players with a 21 ACT when our class average was 30. These academically deficient cadets are either really helped by their friends (cooperate and graduate) or they mostly filter out of the school before day 1 of cow (junior) year.

  8. I have to admit, I fell for Susan Shannon’s story at first, but I appreciate the work you have done above. As a point of reference, she was attempting to bully a critic on her website


    by saying she could track him by IP based on her vast telecommunications experience. I am a military IT, and she knows almost nothing about the subject. I posted the below to her website, but I doubt she will ever allow it through.

    Susan Shannon, you are not being honest again. I also have a background in telecommunications.

    Susan Shannon’s quote ” By the way, just so you know, I can find you easily if I want. Here is a secret you don’t know, my dear: every time you leave me a little nastygram like this, my WordPress site records your IP address. I have the knowledge and ability to locate your exact position in this entire world with that. So…. if you think you are anonymous, you aren’t as clever as you think. I once located a man who continued to harrass me on this site and called him.”

    This is interesting because it is unbelievably untrue. Yes, I suspect the IP address is being recorded, but this gives you little to no information of any worth. For the vast majority of users, including businesses, IP addresses are associated not with the individual, but with the ISP (Internet Service Provider) that the individual employs for their internet service. These addresses are assigned by the ISP, but they will not provide them out to anyone without a warrant, ISPs are notoriously protective of their clientele. This does not even begin to discuss the nuances of DHCP or potential NAT issues on the router in question.

    Even static IP address ownership, should the user desire to pay for it, would be protected behind the firewall, both figuratively and literally, of the ISP company.

    If you do not believe me, I am also including a simple web tutorial that explains it…


    Please note the section that says “Recognize that usually you will not learn the actual name of the person doing at that IP address (e.g. Joe Smith). ISPs will typically only release such information under a court order.”

    So when you say…

    “That’s the work I was doing during my MANAGEMENT CONSULTING days in Germany. And in California. I am an expert in Customer Service systems for …..TELECOMMUNICATIONS. You know, you call someone on the phone or order something online and order new phone service?? Well, guess what? A system has to deliver that service to….YOUR IP ADDRESS, right? yep. that would be me and the systems I developed. So. slam.”

    …and then go on to make a mistake that my 13 year old would not make, your whole story falls to dust. As I told you once before, you are your own worst enemy.

    And while you are at it, please explain how someone without a college degree got into management consulting? Who hired you? Do you have a Doctorate in Business Administration like your Linked profile says?

    Since I doubt you will post this explanation of your error, I am cross posting it as a comment here…


    This is the website that blew the lid off the fraud for me.

    BTW, what is my IP address?

  9. In another post, she claimed, about the GM bailout

    “It must have known that it would re-emerge as a new company with new stock. Any financial analyst should have seen this coming. So why didn’t we opt to buy into the new company? Or write some provision like that- just in case? Why didn’t we account for a provision where their stock didn’t recover and that they would still need to pay us back with interest over time?”

    This did happen, the investment in GM was changed to investment in the new company, and the US was paid back over time, though not the full amount. I posted a simple article that expressly said this happened from Time, I cant find it at the moment, but here is one from CNN Money…

    “The government initially had a 61% stake in GM when the company emerged from bankruptcy in 2009, leading critics of the bailout to dub it “Government Motors.” It started to sell that stake with GM’s November 2010 initial public offering.”


    Whether or not she agreed or disagreed with the GM bailout, she either deliberately lied about the story, or she does not understand the financial situation involved. She hid this rather than deal with her mistake. I do not think she is honest at all, and I think she is lying about the rape for publicity. I think she is a very disturbed individual.

  10. There are many problems here, although I appreciate your post. First off, you would benefit from some textual evidence from Shannon (it is almost an entire page without any back up before you get to a quote from her blog) – why are so many things not credible but not cited? Or quoted? I don’t have access to this information but am ready to believe you if you would provide more quotes, please.
    Also, as someone who has repeatedly transferred colleges/ unis because of moving – I know for a fact that MOST schools put a cap on what you can transfer. It’s usually in the 60 credit range. Check me out on this, but I am confident that is the case with most universities. They want their pound of flesh. After receiving almost 100 credits, I had to start halfway over after my husband died (we had relocated to be near my family during his treatment). This meant I was in school for TEN YEARS. I had great grades. I was working full time to pay for it. We DON’T know this wasn’t the case for her. It is all just speculation (and needs strengthening to be viable speculation) otherwise. I am not saying you are wrong. I am just saying, I would find it helpful if you provided more textual evidence for why her claims are so unbelievable (early on as I said – the earlier you introduce it, the stronger your argument.) But as to her having to spend so long in school, this is completely possible/plausible and even likely. There could be dozens of possible reasons for her to choose a sub par school, not the least of these is location and financial aide. Many schools don’t offer (or offer limited) financial aide for transfer students. Again, one who knows.

  11. Okay, me again. So you are right. There’s some major major crazy and drama on her blog, but due to the abundance, trust that your blog post above would be strengthened by more quotes from her. Wow. She brings the drama so why not cut and paste?

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