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  1. I have been reading your comments and other information about the Susan Shannon case. A neighbor of mine has been attempting to keep me informed. Frankly this information scares the hell out of me because I live on the same street as this woman. She sounds like a borderline personality who could be capable of anything once a court rules against her. You sound like you are well informed and have studied Ms Shannon (Mrs Bouma) and I would like your opinion as to what kind of danger she might be to her more “liberal” neighbors once she does in fact get a $2M ruling against her?

    • Hmmmm…I don’t think you have a lot to worry about. I have always found Susan to be a complete coward. She always hides places where she can control, her blog, her Facebook page, things like that. When the Inside Edition story came out, she initially wrote something in the comments section, then deleted it. There was a lot of disbelief in the comments, she did not come off well in the interview, and had she put herself out there by officially commenting, she would have had to face questions she does not want to face, so she deleted it and ran away. She does this on her blog and Facebook page, she controls everything.

      I have wondered if she might hurt herself, but not others. If anything I think she would like to lose, it would allow her to play the martyr, until she realizes that no one cares. What is she like in real life? I assumed she was sort of normal. I have met a lot of people who are normal in real life, but crazy online.

      • Susan was visited by the EPD because she allegedly (cma) fired an air soft gun at a couple of cats in the alley behind the houses. Not the first time. The owner of one of the cats heard the cat kerfuffle, and the subsequent shots, and went to confront Shannon but she wouldn’t answer his knocks. He called the police to file a complaint.

    • Curious if your neighbor is my BFF. A certain good looking runner, loves cats, music and books…. I too have worried about the outcome of this case and SS’s reaction. Best outcome for all involved would be her departure from the neighborhood….

  2. Susan Shannon, the accuser in this article, has posted something new on her website that is interesting. She will not allow comments on her website, she hides behind her control, so I am posting it here. She was very unhappy with the presentation of the case here, and wanted some additional questions asked. She framed this as a fake interview with a cream puff of her imagination and her accused assailant. The fact that she uses a fake dream scenario, along with an anthropomorphic pastry, is typical of her overly melodramatic character and presentation. She presented this on her website, and in doing so, laid out the basis for her defence case, that is both thin as well as flawed.

    The root of her defence is that her accused admitted to a relationship with Ms. Shannon that existed when both were Freshman, and not Juniors. This is pretty much it. There was a relationship, but the details do not match between his story and hers. She says the sex was non-consensual when they were Juniors, he says it was consensual when they were Freshman. The rest is sort of window dressing.

    The story about behaviour as freshmen is interesting since the Colonel said he had a car at his disposal, which is generally not allowed (but this was a rule that was violated more than you might suspect). In order to support this, it appears that Ms. Shannon went to a Service Academy website to get support for her version by pretending to be a freshman again. Unfortunately she has used a handle that she has used in the past, which also includes her name…


    This is idiotic, to use her own name, but I have never considered Ms. Shannon intelligent.

    But, nevertheless, that is her defence in a nutshell. The problem…? It’s just a really, really bad defence.

    I would love to get input from Ms. Shannon’s lawyer, I do not know if he knows or cares what his client does online. The problem with this is that none of it is verifiable at all. There is no evidence of any of it. And if someone did an investigation into things, if someone made an attempt to really look into the stories…?

    Luckily, an investigation was conducted by the Army, when Ms. Shannon made the accusation. Her accused was brought in, fingerprinted, interviewed, and as thorough an investigation as possible was conducted. The conclusions were simply that nothing could be proven at all. Another new article specifically mentioned this…

    “The 7 On Your Side I-Team obtained copies of the investigative file from the case as well as hundreds of pages of other court documents and Army files. The official Army report shows investigators couldn’t prove or disprove Shannon’s allegation. But internal Army emails show Riggins’ promotion was pushed to what’s called a Promotion Review Board because of the investigation.
    Army memos obtained by ABC 7 show the review board ultimately decided Riggins was “fully qualified for promotion”.”

    Now, Ms. Shannon has her own take on this, she has said “According to U.S. Military law, this is NOT a ‘Not Guilty’ equivalent to our civilian courts. This is a negative result to a soldier’s record.”

    As in most things, Ms. Shannon is poorly informed. The UCMJ carries with it the presumption of innocence. Specifically…

    “Under our legal system, everyone is presumed innocent until a court finds them guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. A court may make a fair and just decision only after it has heard all the evidence relating to the guilt or innocence of an accused.”

    And this is evident in the proceedings with Col Riggins. Based on the investigation he was found promotable. Again, specifically, “Army memos obtained by ABC 7 show the review board ultimately decided Riggins was “fully qualified for promotion”. But documents show Secretary of the Army John McHugh chose to pull Riggins’ name from the promotion list. Army representatives wouldn’t say why that decision was made.”


    Now if you listen to Ms. Shannon and her Cream Puff, they ask “To what extent are your actions and conduct reasons why the Secretary of the Army did not have faith in your ‘judgement and character’?”

    The problem for Ms. Shannon is that she, once again, fails to understand the military at all. Promotions can be pulled or withheld for multiple reasons. The Commanding Officer of the USS Cole had his promotion held for around 4 years despite being exonerated by the Navy for the attack. He languished in promotion limbo for 4 years. This is mostly a political thing. The issue was not with the conduct of Col Riggins at all, the review board considered all of this, but the weight of evidence was outweighed by the political ramifications of Ms. Shannon’s accusations, even if they were completely unfounded and unsupportable. In another case General John Allen was accused of an inappropriate relationship with a woman in Tampa, and was completely exonerated. But his career was ended by the accusation.


    General Allen retired shortly thereafter, despite being exonerated. This is a reality. In General Allen’s case it was sort of a news issue, there was no one to blame, but with Susan Shannon’s accusation…there is someone who can and should be held responsible for this.

    Ms. Shannon continues…
    “In 2009, Ms. Shannon accused you of rape on social media publicly. Why didn’t you challenge her, or deny her allegations at that time? Was it her fault that you failed to impress the Secretary of the Army with your ‘judgment and character’?”
    I have no idea what is being referenced here, the only think I can think of is Ms. Shannon stalking the Colonel on Facebook and making accusations there. The problem…? The same accusations were mentioned above with the Army investigating and finding nothing. But it is coupled with a bizarre stalking and attempt to shame and take public revenge.

    So in the spirit of questioning, I would propose the following questions for Ms. Shannon…

    You have said that you never sought revenge, fame, or fortune. We know this because you specifically said “No one can accuse me of seeking fame or fortune or revenge!”

    Here is the issue… When explaining why it took you decades to discuss this, you said “I chose not to tell the authorities at West Point for the same reasons that many women choose not to report rapes: fear of being blamed, fear of not being believed, and being the subject of publicity that you would rather not have.” You did not want publicity, you did not want revenge, and you did not want money…? Yet…

    You just admitted stalking someone on Facebook to take revenge. When you mentioned the encounter, you said “In fact, I had forgotten him until I saw his smug face on Twitter and Facebook! Now that made me mad. That’s how I found out that he was now a colonel- ahhh… do you all remember the first rush we had when FB came online and allowed us to instantly connect with our old high school & college buddies? Well, it also opened a few Pandora’s boxes, didn’t it? Well, his wife shared that account. After I confronted him publicly about the rape on both sites, all social media sites with that jerk quickly disappeared.”

    So you just happened on multiple social media sites by Col Riggins, just accidentally? You were not stalking him on Facebook and Twitter? You have been accused of being a spurned lover, how is this story less plausible than your accusation?

    You said you did and do not want publicity? Why is it when the investigation started and they asked you not to talk about it, the standard operating procedure with these kind of cases because lots of publicity and attention can compromise the case, you responded “Interestingly enough, I was asked to not remark on this investigation until it was finished. Guess what, Army? No. Way.”

    You immediately tried to get an interview on Korean television about your case, you have sought out interviews and want to get other women to give you their stories so you can use them to create a massive story, all around yourself.

    But this is not the first time you have tried to gain publicity. Following the shooting at Newtown, you called it a massive government conspiracy and said the parents, parents who lost the lives of their children, were in on the plot.

    You outwardly sought publicity. You routinely accuse Facebook and Google of actively “deleting my search results to kill my publicity.”

    You say that you do not want publicity, but you rant about how you want publicity? You want to take other women’s actual rape stories and use them to make a bigger story, with you at the center?

    And there is the money? You have said multiple times that you were an international business consultant, specifically in the areas of nuclear, transportation, paper, cosmetics, telecommunications… IT, customer care, and billing to name a few”.


    You have said “I left an incredibly lucrative international management consulting career to care for my children because I don’t crave money.”


    You did this for over a decade under the title Susan Shannon DBA. What does the DBA stand for? In most business circles it stands for Doctorate of Business Administration. What does it mean in your case? How does someone without any education, this was all before you earned even your Bachelor’s degree, without any experience, get jobs in the nuclear industry as an international management consultant?

    How is it you worked for VAIG Interkom for less than a year in 1990, when the company was not founded as VAIG Interkom until 1996? And since money is not an issue, you claim to have made significant money doing this, and this is possible, yet you boast how modest you live and how little you have?

    But when you have been faced with this case, you have made no effort to go back to your previous work to make ends meet. You husband is now working two jobs, you have claimed, but you have this vast international management experience that goes untapped?

    You have commented on this before, you said

    “With two incomes, my husband & I could be traveling the world on extended vacations, we could afford a maid, a nanny, ground crews and people to repair our home when needed. Our kids would go to the best private schools instead of enduring the public schools of WA State. We could be eating out all the time and have two (nice smelling!) cars.
    As it is, we barely clear our monthly bills, have one 11 year old minivan (gettin’ a little stanky too!) and a motorcycle for my husband (which he rides even in the cold), can’t take a vacation, almost never eat out & when we do, it’s at McDonalds, shop at Target for kids clothes, etc. We have kicked our butts to do our own home improvements over the past 13 years- everything from plumbing, electrical, tiling, decking, and cabinets to installing floors & bathrooms. And guess what? We have never accepted a dime in charity. I have NO DOUBT that most of you know exactly what I’m talking about! It’s called the American Way!”

    You have this vast potential, but you’re not using it because you want to raise your kids. But when faced with this lawsuit, you have your husband work two jobs instead of tapping into the untold wealth you COULD have, which you have always claimed, because you have this massive capacity as an international management consultant.
    And your family worked around this, theoretically. You said previously…
    “As a woman, I always knew I would have children. That is why I chose to be a management consultant. A sole proprietor. I knew I wanted maximum flexibility. Sure, my contracts are between 3-12 months at a time, but I have always had a job when I wanted one.”

    You could raise money for your defense now, unless the management consulting is a giant lie. No one would hire you if you were a fraud, but instead you ask others for money? In fact, God asks them for money. I know this because you said so. You demanded, in the name of God, that people who read your blog give you money because God wanted them to. You were confrontational about the desire of God that they give you money. And then it did not happen, you become offensive and angry. You later deleted this post, but not the explanation justifying your actions…
    “I don’t feel any regret over these posts. I am saying exactly what I believe to be the truth. For those who were stingy and mean spirited, I have no doubt that God will judge them. Would you have me lie in order to tickle yours and their ears? Are you saying that had I said nothing, these same people would have given? As to speaking to my lawyer sooner, you make no sense. I ONLY spoke to my lawyer as I did BECAUSE I was convinced that my readers would give no more and that it was now a hopeless case.”

    IOW, God wants people to give you money. That is awfully nice of God to not need you to work for yourself, with this vast international management consulting experience that you claim, and instead judge hard working men and women for not giving you money as you try to make a media spectacle of yourself.

    And this sort of sums up Susan Shannon. Narcissism to the core.

    Lastly, I would like to address your medical career. This is a huge hole in your story that does not make sense, but it is all over your blog. You went to West Point specifically because you wanted to “make it” and be a doctor.

    “I applied to only one college: West Point. Not because I had any desire whatsoever to be a soldier, but because it was as prestigious as Harvard & Yale and was not only a free ride, but even paid me a little salary. I could live away from home and be free. No other university could do that for me. I was going to succeed- I was going to ‘make it’!”


    And not to be a soldier…

    “I was to be a doctor- rich & successful- a surgeon even!”

    Unfortunately, you were a terrible soldier…

    “For one thing, I found out that I wasn’t a very good soldier. So many little details to remember!”


    You were also failing academically…

    “My depression raged on, unchecked, and nothing seemed to lift the miserable fog. My grades were becoming terminal- academic failure loomed- something I had never even imagined previously. I hated all the engineering courses & really had no patience for the Chemistry & Biology labs.”

    Side note: All those engineering courses hated by someone who worked as an international management consultant in the nuclear and IT industries? Odd.

    But when you started to explain leaving West Point you specifically stated on your blog

    “I would have left the Army at 42 years old as a surgeon with no medical school debt and a full resume of battlefield or Walter Reid hospital experience behind me.”

    Not might have been, not maybe, but absolutely WOULD have been. You lost everything when you were attacked, at least according to your story. But it does not make sense. How would you have been a doctor if your grades were that bad? How would you have been a doctor if you were a bad cadet? How could you have been this successful Army surgeon when you were a bad cadet? An academic failure with little military potential had plenty of reason to leave West Point. You might never have graduated at all, failed out, so making up some excuse to save face makes sense. Claiming to have been raped when it never happened gave you the excuse for letting down family and abusive parents. It gave you a way to avoid responsibility for your own shortcomings.

    And you seem to have changed your story. A few years after admitting you were a bad cadet you changed your story to say “I was an awesome soldier.”

    You stopped talking about the failure. Your medical career, which was never a reality, was now an absolute. And the snowball kept rolling. You claimed massive financial success as a businesswoman, in subjects you were failing at West Point (without an education, training, or any skills in the subjects in question). You became a martyr. But the holes are just too much.

    So what should we believe? The failed cadet who made up a fictitious life to avoid responsibilities for her own failures? There is evidence for this, there is paperwork, there are files, there was an investigation.

    Or the assaulted individual who does not seem to exist? The potential doctor, who never existed, the international business consultant who never existed, the woman who fights with everyone in her life, teachers, principals, pastors, friends, etc…?

    There are more questions to ask…

    Why did you leave your Church?
    Do your former pastors think you are a conspiracy theorist?
    Does your family support your accusations or think that you are a “false prophet”?
    Why were you banned from your children’s school?
    And so on.

    But this is enough. If you could answer some of this, I would appreciate it.

    • Yes and no. Part of the issue is not the individual in question at all, but the reactions to him or her. The pastor is a character in this whole drama, but he is a character perceived through the lens of Ms. Shannon’s perception. This might not reflect reality at all. Regardless what he does or does not do, her perception of him is somewhat more important than that reality.

      You know her well, what is your opinion?

      • I don’t know either of them other than what I’ve read or listened to. I was intrigued by her rant against her pastor and then listened to the message in question. How she came to her conclusion from that message that caused her to attack him and leave her church is a mystery to me. It’s when I became convinced she is delusional and possibly chemically imbalanced.

        I kept hoping for some sort of response or defense from her pastor but couldn’t find anything. My conclusion was he was so use to these types of outbursts from her that he didn’t find it worth even commenting on.

        It’s the piece in this bizarre puzzle that’s missing. Not sure if you can track him down or if he’d say anything if you did, but his opinion of her would be fascinating.

        I stumbled upon Shannon when she came out publicly against the trinity. I was fascinated reading the reactions. I have kept up on her drama since

      • I haven’t listened to the sermon, I do not really care that much. I am not sure that it would really matter. I highly doubt that her pastor would be invested in her personally enough to welcome gay men and women to their church to intentionally distance their church from her. They could just as easily say they did not support her outright if they really cared, but it is the accusation that is interesting. Likewise I don’t particularly care what her pastor believes, or does not, it is the response that is interesting. The issue with her is not the reality, it is the perception.

        For example, she thinks she is being stalked because people comment on her blog.


        This could even be me, I do not know. But she has publicly accused the parents of the Sandy Hook massacre of being complicit in the murder of their children. She has publicly accused a respected veteran of sexual assault, and is involved in a national trial that she says will have repercussions for women everywhere. She is belligerent to everyone she meets, but comment on it…and you’re stalking her, with potential law enforcement implications.

        This is sort of par for the course. She tells parents of murdered children that they faked it for political reasons, but say she has her facts wrong and it is harassment.

        Her pastor likely just does not care, if he is running an entire congregation, he has more to worry about than a random wacko making accusations. She thinks, not sure why but she has stated it publicly, that they (the pastoral team) believe she is a conspiracy theorist. She could claim they are all lizard people and they likely could not care less. And responding to her is what she wants.

  3. A reader sent this to me, thought it was interesting…

    What was interesting here was the emphasis on her importance online and the publicity she is seeking.

    “Stephen, I see you are sadly licking your wounds. I always enjoy when a tiny man attempts to ride the coat tails of my name. MAYBE, just maybe.. if you keep using my search term, ‘Short Little Rebel’ long enough, you will climb far enough up the search term ratings that you can actually start accumulating readers based on your own thoughts. lol!”


    “Oh, poor little boy. I guess I hurt your widdow feelings, huh? Well, any publicity is good publicity. Stephen, As to Jesus, he is on MY side- not yours. Of that, I feel very assured. As to you, what business do YOU have in disrespecting a fellow Christian? And do YOU now know who will go to heaven? Talk about arrogance. I don’t claim to know God’s will. But… those who are the true arrogant ones seldom see their own hypocrisy. Here is what I have noticed by those who like to criticize my work: all they know how to do is call names. As to the quality of my work, I DO provide links to all my data. If you can’t find them, I really can’t help you out. What a little child you are. Why don’t you put on a pair of big boy pants and get to the business of God. How many of YOUR posts are dedicated to the mission of Christ? I may not be perfect, little man, but I at least have my nose firmly grinding upon the grindstone of Christ. You, on the other hand, are the pot calling the kettle black. You even admit YOU are a big mouthed arrogant SOB. Ah well, what can you do? When you are a public person, you will get critics. Tell you what: we will meet in front of Jesus some day, ok? He will honor me with that. And then, HE will determine between the two of us. I PROMISE you that he will tell you that you did nothing but attempt to bring HIS messenger down. And you will be ashamed of yourself. I await that meeting between us.”


  4. I thought I would give you an update, I was not sure if you saw this. Susan Shannon has recently lost it and I thought you would find it amusing. This is from her Facebook page. I’m “Friends” with her, but I do not think she knows it.

    So, apparently, Riggins, my rapist, has been going around closed Facebook chatrooms and abusing me to my old West Point Class of 87 classmates. He keeps bringing up the Rolling Stone article up for some reason. As if that woman is the same person as me. Okaaaaayyy…

    It is odd because she does not have classmates, she never graduated, and “closed” venues are not closed, just restricted to actual soldiers, not pretend soldiers like Susan Shannon (she claims it all the time, stolen valor is legal but still spineless). Her outrage is particularly funny since she badmouths Col Riggins to anyone who will listen, but only in places where people cannot ask her questions. She hides, in plain sight, but she hides. He talks to his peers, and it is somehow wrong.

    If that floats his boat. Cal, my husband, worked in sexual crimes as a federal probation officer. The one thing that marks a sex offender is that they tend to live two very distinct lives: one in public and one in private.

    Her husband is a financial specialist, not a rape specialist, but she lies about her career, why not her husband’s?

    On the outside, they act extremely moral- they are church goers, very groomed, coaches, teachers, pastors, priests, boy scout teaches, etc. They do this to disarm people and to groom their victims. They do this to get close to their victims. They do this to take all suspicion off them. But there is another side to sex predators. And it is very dark indeed. These predators can’t even face this side themselves. They prey on the vulnerable. They live extremely deviant sexual lives. Child pornography, rape and other sick lifestyles which they never, ever want anyone to see. Once my husband and his team every uncover these predator’s crimes, they must instantly put these predators on suicide watch. This is because these men can’t bear to have their two worlds collide. All their church friends and school friends and fellow coaches and parents and students all change the way they look at them- from loving and trusting to horror and disbelief! These predators can’t face it! They will do anything to make it all go away. Even suicide.

    I know she does this to try to smear the Colonel, but it is SO her, hiding behind her claimed moral and spiritual superiority. It is funny because she is such a hypocrite. BTW, if you did not see, she ranted and raved on her FB page because people were not giving her enough money, they were selfishly giving it to their churches or other charities when God wanted HER to have it, but went out and spent several hundred dollars on a piano for her son for Christmas. I do not begrudge her children a good childhood, but if someone tells me that I should be giving her my money instead of some charity then she goes off and drops a few Benjamins on her kids… She should give it all back.

    Apparently, my rapist would rather kill me instead of himself. This is certainly not unheard of in the rape world. How many rape victims are murdered to make them be silent? So many. Mine would like to murder me now.

    That would be an interesting thing to add to the courtroom. Susan Shannon has publicly accused the Colonel of intended murder. For someone who is going up for a defamation charge, I thought she would keep her mouth shut, but…

    He is going around trying to murder my reputation now. He is giving out his telephone number so that people can call him in secret- he likes doing things in secret. He wants to tell them all kinds of juicy things in secret that he can’t say online. Things I can’t defend myself against. He needs people to come to him. He needs them to believe him. Complete strangers that he no longer even remembers. He needs them to defend him. And why?

    Ok, since Susan has been badmouthing Colonel Riggins to anyone who would listen for several years, how can she POSSIBLY say “He is going around trying to murder my reputation”? Does she understand irony? He has never publicly spoken about her outside of media attention grabs she has made (which backfired on her, something that she should recognize for her case), but she gets upset that in private forums he defends himself.

    Because he knows that he will ultimately lose this case.

    I know of no one who believes this. I initially thought he was guilty, you sympathize with rape victims. But after reading how bad her case is, how…terrible…of a person she is, and i really hate to say that, but there is just no other conclusion, I do not believer her. And many of the soldiers who know of this case say the same thing. She is just not believable.

    I don’t go around these chat rooms, do I?

    No, and neither do I, but I did not go to West Point (and neither did she, washing out is washing out).

    No. I will wait until I am vindicated in the court of law.

    Doubt it.

    When the Army CID let him go for rape, did I cry?

    Yes and no. She did whine, loudly and publicly. But the CID did not “let him go for rape” they found that there was NO EVIDENCE for the claim. There was nothing to “let go”. There was nothing at all. It was all smoke and mirrors. Hard to believe that the Colonel would compare her to the Rolling Stone disaster, they both told stories that were fictional. But she did whine about it, when a counter-suit was filed. She thought she could have her 15 minutes of fame, but when no one believed her, and her TV interviews fell through, and when she was faced with responsibility for her actions…? She cried for weeks.

    The “No one loves me…” whine…


    The “He’s really guilty” whine (she said “According to U.S. Military law, this is NOT a ‘Not Guilty’ equivalent to our civilian courts” which is COMPLETELY untrue, in the UCMJ you are innocent until proven guilty)


    She does nothing BUT whine about this.

    Did I need to go around proving he raped me? No. I didn’t.

    Yeah…if you are going to formally accuse someone…you kinda have to prove it. That’s sort of how it works…

    That’s because I know what I know and I don’t need anyone to back me. A fact stands on its own. It doesn’t even need me to make it stand. He, apparently, needs the entire Class of ’87 to make him and his needy story to stand. So be it.

    Well, since no one supports her…kind of makes her case a disaster. And since people from West Point who remember her think she’s a disaster…?

    For all who were in my class at West Point, I wish I could talk to you and tell you everything. But I can’t. This is an ongoing case. My lawyer advises against it.

    So she talks about this case endlessly, digging deeper and deeper holes, but NOW she cannot say anything? Could not be that she simply has nothing to say?

    And it would be unseemly as well.


    My articles on my blog give as much information as I can legally give. The rest is protected until this case is resolved. I don’t know what Riggins is saying. It bothers me to have my name spoken of in this fashion but I will trust in your sense of honor and common sense. People know to wait before they judge. Most of you have served a career in the Army. I salute you and honor you. I love the Army; I love West Point and I love our armed forces.

    NO SHE DOES NOT. She said it herself, she NEVER wanted to serve, she wanted free medical school. She NEVER wanted to be part of an honorable tradition, she NEVER wanted to serve anyone but herself. She wanted to be rich, famous, and….basically….a Kardashian.

    When the case is finished, I will tell you everything. Until then, Susan Shannon

    No she will not. She will fade away, her 15 minutes of fame a forgotten memory.

  5. I can’t decide if it is total narcissism, or a twinge of paranoia to boot:

    “As I have said before, I believe Riggins has hired some kind of detective service that spies on my page day and night. At first, I thought it was a person that watched my page, but now, I am convinced that it must be a computer monitoring service. I can’t imagine how that is legal in any way, but there you are. ”

    She states today that she is going to be away from FB for a while, that she promised her attorney she wouldn’t talk about the case publicly, and then basically launches into another full on diatribe about the case. Amazingly stupid.

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