7 comments on “Final Update on Susan Shannon

    • I imagine she is not sleeping. I could not. I was doing some research, and she cannot discharge this debt in bankruptcy. This will follow her forever.

      The odd thing is that I really, really feel sorry for her. Here is what she told me the last time we spoke….

      “Your eyes are clouded by your own rage from past impotence which YOU made evident of your own volition here for thousands to see. If you didn’t want to look the idiot, you should not have come here and done so. You should not continue doing so; that is my opinion. But if you must, I will, from time to time, continue exposing you. Out of kindness both to you and my readers, I throw most of your boring and redundant comments straight into the garbage before ever reading their content. But since you insist on this course of self destruction and self humiliation, I feel beholden to satisfy you from time to time.”

      Its almost poetic. “Self destruction and self humiliation”? She was so confident and condescending, and everything she said came to pass, just with her.

      But it just all seems so sad now. How is she perceived around the neighborhood? Does she have any friends? I have to think she could use some. She screwed up not only the lives of her and her husband, but her kids. And she did it all by herself. No one made her do it. She cannot blame anyone else. She has full responsibility, and she seems to have been shirking responsibility all of her life. It was always someone else’s responsibility in the past, but right now, it is all her. After years of causing hate, fights, and division online (and probably elsewhere) she finally has to face full and unambiguous responsibility, and can you imagine the psychological trauma?

      • I cannot say, yet, that I feel sorry for her. I’m sad for her husband Cal and for her children- they didn’t ask for this and, God knows, this is going to come down to Cal’s ability to financially support his family and pay this debt for her. She was never able to raise more than $12,000 on her GoFund me page…. input I hear from the neighborhood is that there is a collective sigh of relief, in the belief that the Shannons will be forced to sell their home on Rucker Hill (a highly sought after location in Everett). To my knowledge, she has burned any neighborly relations, at one point banned from going onto school property over an issue with her daughter, her church leadership asked her to leave… it goes on and on. A few weeks ago she was musing on her hate for life in Washington State, that Montana felt like “home” to her. I don’t care where she ends up, as long as she can no longer cause grief for the people I love and care about. I’m not certain she is capable of the type of self-reflection that requires acceptance of guilt before healing. To date it’s”radio silence” on her SM.

      • What is her husband like? Do you think he really understands what she does online and otherwise? I kind of assumed he had no real idea what she was doing, but after this he has to be looking at her with a little more skepticism. Does he really understand what is going on and how is it impacting their entire family?

        Do you think he has even Googled this situation?

  1. It appears she made a small post on FB: ” All is ashes” One of her ” supporters” is blaming her loss on the 9th Circuit Court and President Obama…

    • Maybe she will never accept responsibility? I assumed with all of the talk about how this was all in the hands of God now, that she would accept the verdict as part of God’s will. But maybe God is only God when He agrees with her.

      I liked her rant about how people should give her more money, maybe she will do that again..

  2. Hello,
    This is sad. I have not thoroughly researched this case, but it is sad on many levels regardless. The man who won has his reputation and career tarnished for life. Ms Shannon will likely suffer a penalty too great to comprehend.

    We should be praying for both of these individuals, and no one should take any pleasure in Ms Shannon’s situation. God sent Jonah to save the sinners in Nineveh. Hebrews 12:6 says God punishes those he loves. God also told Joshua that the giants in the land were bread for them (bread to grow their faith).

    I imagine those who support and are critical of Ms Shannon will visit here. Let us all pray for her and her family. Let us pray for all individuals in this case. God is the only one who can heal them.


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