3 comments on “The story starts to come out….

  1. Sure wish you would stop bashing Susan sir.
    You must be a bitter or angry person to spend this much energy trying to harm someone you don’t Even know. Please cease and desist!
    You are only causing harm to others, and certainly not to any gain of your own

    • Ms.P, I realize that this is your family, and I am sure that Ms. Shannon is going through some significant mental anguish and hurt, but I really have to ask what you honestly oppose? I’ve tried to stick to the facts. None of this is emotional or really unfair. It is brutally honest, but not unfair. It is terribly sad, but she made this bed for years and is now outraged that she has to lay in it? What did anyone think was going to happen? This has been a slow motion train wreck for almost a decade.

      I said almost three years ago that Ms. Shannon was going to lose her case, I think I used the adjective “spectacularly”, because it was a terrible case from the beginning. She has sowed hate and resentment throughout the internet for years, this is the natural result of these sorts of activities. She has hurt others for years, and now she is upset that the weight of that karma is falling down on her? And you’re outraged that the facts, not editorial comment, but the real facts of the situation, look so bad for her?

      I have to ask, why aren’t you stopping her? Why aren’t you taking action to try to rein her in? Does her husband know she is posting all of this nonsense online? Does her lawyer? She continues to poison her life, her family, and everyone associated with her, have you made any effort to explain the pain she causes everyone around her? I am not exaggerating, she is really a poisonous person, and she is hurting badly, but she is still online ranting and raving.

      When she said,

      “So, you little cunt, bitch. Keep it up or I will kick your skinny little hole fucked twat that has had more meat in it than any slaughter house.”


      “You DO buttfuck, so you are a buttfucker. I am a minority here because most people would say I was being rude & unfair- but… my minority status doesn’t give you the right to persecute me. So, I am absolutely FREE to call you a gerbil packer.”

      to a homosexual man…where were you? Where was her family? I’m really asking, I am curious how this was allowed to happen. How did it get to this point where her entire family was hurt without anyone seeing the disaster that was coming? If you want to criticize me for pointing out the disaster as it slowly approached, I have to ask why you did nothing to stop it? I just reported it was going on, you’re extended family, aren’t you?

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