I am starting this with two goals in mind.  One is to respond the voluminous amount of email I get from my father supporting his arch-right-wing political views, and the other was to post random thoughts.  Yes, I am coming into blogging late, but I do not really care, this is mostly for personal use anyway, so Que Sara…  I am using the name I adopted when studying Arabic in the Middle East so I do not embarrass my family with my clearly heretical and unacceptable views.


4 comments on “About

  1. I’m trying to find someone who was a progressive Mormon in 1979.
    I know this sound like spam. But it’s not! I’m for real
    My name is John Draper. I’m writing my first novel. It takes place in a ward in 1979, right after the priesthood ban was lifted. I’m trying to create a character who is a liberal/progressive member of the ward — in fact, the only liberal/progressive member of the ward.

    I would like to talk to someone who lived through that as a liberal Mormon. It would help me put my character sketch together.


    — john

    P.S. Here’s a link to my blog, which I haven’t updated in a LONG time:

  2. Joseph, I am trying to help a 25 year-old ex-Mormon friend of mine find a drug rehabilitation center that knows how to deal with issues of an ex-Mormon. Do you know of any? Thank you!

    • I’m not aware of any rehabilitation programs that are based on former belief systems. I would think that being ex-Mormon has little to do with overcoming additction, the process is not necessarily dependent on systems of belief that the individual does not believe in. There are programs that could support based on what the friend does believe in, those might be the best place to start?

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